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"I have regular readings thru Penelope and she haas never been wrong in anything that she has said.You do not need to tell her much about yourself.  You will be amazed at the accuracy of her readings. I have NO DOUBTS in recommending her to others out there.Her readings are very genuine and helpful you cant go wrong. GOD BLESS YOU PENELOPE: A

"Penelope is a very real psychic and no one should DOUBT this. She has a kind and gentle nature and senses the things you need answered. I am only a few hours past our reading and am still just buzzing from all that she was able to tell me. I highly recommend her to you or to anyone you know who believes or who wants to believe. Thank you Penny for an amazing reading." Kelly

"Penny - Thankyou so much for tonight, it feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am so happy, you confirmed so many things for me. I have told my mum about it and she had tears in her eyes when I told her, I dont think she is a sceptic anymore!! I have also told my best friend about it and she was amazed. I have highly reccomended you to her, hope you dont mind. Thankyou so much for your time, you are the best!!! I have no hesitations in recommending you!

"Penelope‚Äôs reading gave me such insight and clarity and the guidance I was looking for. Some family members who had passed over came through and blew me away. It gave me the proof and strength to move through life with more positivity and the knowing that I am being guided. It was the best reading I have ever had. Thanks so much."  Sue

"Penelope was bang on with my reading. She bought my friend through after 10 years of me trying other mediums, also my Mum & Dad! She had no prior knowledge of personal history and was awesome. A very emotional reading for me, to be reunited with my dear friend in spirit."  Karen

"Upon giving me a unscheduled reading, I had closure to many questions regarding my beloved son, who had passed away 20 years ago. Feelings of anger, hatred and mistrust, have now been replaced by love and hope. I had only just met Penny and she conveyed messages from my son, who I still miss. Thanks for filling my emptiness."  Nu

"Penny did a reading for me and the results I received were amazing.
She pin pointed what was really important in my life. Penny had no knowledge of my family history, she suprised me with information about my GrandMother who passed away 11 years ago. She knew about her history and even the name we used to call her. Information I received let me know, I always have someone looking over me."

"I had a reading with Penny and was blown away at her mediumship skills, Having been brought up as a Spiritualist I've been around mediums since the age of 12, and she was just so "spot on" in describing my loves ones in spirit. Thanks Penny will certainly recommend you" Rachel

"Thank you so much for the wonderful reading you provided last evening.   I am still awestruck with what you had to say about me & my dad! I cannot thank you enough and you are a very kind and caring reader. Your tone of voice was very calming and inspirational. Last night was the first time i felt at ease at the thought that was father was dead yet he's still with me all the time, looking after me and deeply caring about me. I am still in a daze and have a sudden rush to finally live my life happily and wanting to spread the joy!" Pavi

"Thank you for seeing me on Saturday, I was absolutely blown away by the whole experience.  Thanks once again for all of your help, it was a wonderful experience" Vanessa

"I just had to email you and say I am still buzzing from your reading, thankyou soooo much, you are amazing you really are, so spot on its just incredible."  Amanda 

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