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Everyone has a spirit guide. Those working consciously with spirit would of made some sort of contractual agreement prior to entering this realm and current incarnation. These types of spirit guides are often called "gatekeepers". Often their identity is discovered whilst being in a meditative state, or whilst experiencing a dream. My main Gatekeeper guide is called White Feather and he tells me he was once alive on Earth, and in that life (incarnation) I was his daughter. White Feather is now a very powerful expansive entity, who is guide to many others much like myself currently on Earth.

I am currently working with a wonderful teaching guide who was a buddhist monk who he just calls himself Khen. I also get help from some loved family guides and friends in spirit. My blessings and thanks to them all xxx

I have a great faith in working with the Arch Angels; The Osiris collective (encompasses many entities from my own soul group). At times I work with some non-earth energies that have the same oversoul as I do.



Painted by Artist Dionne Bailey

Dionne is an Intuitive Artist
based in Upper Hutt, Wellington.
She is available for commission work.

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