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About Penelope

I was born in London, England and come from Celtic and English descent. I have lived in New Zealand (which I regard as my spiritual home) since I was 5 years old. I LOVE NZ and feel I will always call it home. We are so blessed.

I have always known about Spirit since a small child. I have always seen things and sensed things about people and was very sensitive to their energy. I was an avid reader of the occult and ancient Egypt
ever since I can recall. By age nine, I had read the entire book series of the now late, Doris Stokes (UK Medium/Spiritualist). I then began going to a
local spiritualist church with my Mum around 11 years old, after my Dad
passed over in a gliding accident. At age 14 my Father came to me during a problematic time in my young life. From that day, I knew spirit was real.
Around 15 years old, my Mum gifted me a deck of Tarot cards and this
sparked further interest of Spirit. Then by age 19, I wanted to know much
more about this topic. I discovered through being part of a small
spiritualist development circle that I had the beginnings of a gift. By my
early 20s I was giving public readings and also ran a small 0900 line (worked under my soul name Zitah) and it has just gone on from there.

I have always seemed to meet the right teachers at the right time as will anyone who is guided to work for spirit. There is always something new to learn and always room for improvement and suprises!

Please feel free to EMAIL me any of your spirit pictures, orbs, ectoplasm, UFOs, lights, and angels..include a brief paragraph about what you think it might be and when I get time I will comment,  Hope to oneday publish them here on this site on a photo gallery!